Argent three pterodactyls gules

The family coat of arms features quails. My beloved thinks this is boring and suggests we replace them by pterodactyls. I am quite inclined to agree.

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  1. The what-now!? Family coat of arms? Our family has a coat with arms. That would also be improved by pterodactyls. In fairness, there is not much that couldn’t be made less boring by the addition of such proto-birds.

  2. A coat with arms, now that’s definitely a lot more exciting. Although I am not sure about the logistics of it (discreetly fitting a morning star under a modern raincoat would seem a difficult task).

    As for the coat of arms: look at this. Quite unimpressive, right? Now close your eyes, and replace the laughable poultry by three fierce pterodactyls. Let me tell you nobody would have fucked with you back then, with pterodactyls on your banner.

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