1. Hi Dave,
    I was browsing about CS update news that you posted here.
    And I found this lovely masterpiece, what kind of software that you use to generate this photomosaic?
    I’m just a simple PC user that really interested to create one for my own 🙂


  2. @diedroc: thanks for the kind words and support…

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you much with the photomosaic… The software I used is homemade (though based on an old and mostly deprecated Open-Source project) and only runs (at great pains) on a unix-like/OS X platform. A few times over the years, I have looked into available software that could replace my solution and do a better/cleaner job at it, but have yet to find one that is even close to satisfying. The closest I got this software, but it still had some major issues, is no longer actively developed and only worked on OS X.
    I did try a few of the countless shareware available on Windows, but must say they were in their vast majority, ridiculously bad.

    So, in conclusion, I am afraid there isn’t much available to do that yet. I am surprised nobody has taken the time to make a full-featured, user-friendly, photomosaic software (it is a difficult task, but not impossible), but I guess in the meantime it makes my own yearly attempt all the more special, so can’t complain! 😉

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