Paperwork Hell 2011 is Officially On

Yes, hello. I’d like to know the exact date on which I officially graduated from high school in 1998. No, not just the month, I imperatively need the exact day too. Yes, I need it in order to obtain my PhD. “Can’t I just put an approximate date”? Haha, you sweet thing. You have obviously never met a Japanese administrative employee, have you. I’m just happy they don’t ask for the exact hour. Can we hurry up please, I still have to get the days for the half-dozen university entrances and graduations I have had ever since.


  1. You put the first sunday of September, that should do it, since “school year” starts the next day (unless September 1st is a Monday, in which case that would be August 31, maybe?)
    That’s what I had to do in order to be able to enroll…

    (As far as *obtaining* my PhD, it’ll require a little bit more work…)


  2. @Pied: I am pretty sure that would not be accurate (graduation happens somewhere during the Summer, when official results are published). And I realise this is ridiculous nitpicking, but (unlike previous similar documents I had to fill here in the past), this one has no less than *three* separate mentions of how important it is to fill the right day. And even if the odds are astronomical that they’d ever check, let alone prove me wrong, I don’t think I want to leave much to chance in that matter.

    And as for *obtaining* my PhD, well as a math person, you should know the difference between sufficient and necessary conditions 🙂

  3. Haha, actually, I received later today my own paper work.
    I have to provide them with a Japanese style résumé, with the exact dates as well, but I didn’t get the three separate mentions…
    Hopefully, it will be easier paper work than when I applied…


  4. Do you have to give the date according to the Roman calendar or the Japanese one? Or both?!

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