Kyoto Nomihike

Yesterday was the first official outing of the Kyoto chapter of the Nomihiking Society of Japan. On that warm and sunny Autumn afternoon, a small group of us headed out to Arashiyama to enjoy the combined pleasures of pristine Nature sights and heavy inebriation.

If the success of a nomihike is to be gauged by the collective amount of hangover on the following day, ours was an unfettered triumph. We did well, even by other metrics, such as the exceedingly low casualty figures, with zero nomihikers falling off the surprisingly tricky trail. Yes, this was essentially the stuff local news drama is made of, minus the bit where drunken idiots crashed to their death on jagged river rocks, 10 metre below.

All hope is not lost for some gruesome nomihiking accident one day, since we shall resolutely repeat the adventure again in some very near future.


  1. Wait, are you not, like, spending night and days writing your dissertation?
    I wish I even had time to go home and sleep…


  2. Sensei? is that you?! Of course I was working on my thesis this weekend. As you can see in the above pictures, I spent the entire afternoon hunched over papers while walking…

    @Pied: That’s what my Summer was for.
    Also: I don’t believe in the whole crash-and-burn research-warrior thing over ludicrously long periods of time… couple days/weeks: sure. But I don’t care what kind of dedicated genius one is: after a few months of crazy sleep-deprived hikikomori-lifestyle, your productivity eventually plummets and you are just another useless grad student with poor hygiene, unhealthy sleep patterns and the output of a part-timer on a good day.

    Freak out time will happen between now and February. Just not quite yet.

  3. Lucky you.
    My pre-examination is in two weeks. That’s when they decide to give you the PhD or not.
    It’s not in January (when the “kinda fake” defense happens)…


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