Cautionary Tale

It’s 4:30pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I am sitting at my balcony in my underwear, sipping on a gin & tonic, putting together some very repetitive music on my laptop while waiting for the lab’s computers to spit out some results.

I am also holding a high-pressure water gun, carefully aimed at the neighbourhood pigeons, patiently waiting for them to get within range.


Oh, me too: I used to have a real job, wearing ties and fine Italian suits every day, working some place where people would say things like “synergy”, “milestone” and “ballpark estimate”, while planning the next meeting on their Palm Pilot… You bet I did.

But you go ahead: judge me.


  1. I prefer to target at cats in my backyard with my powerful garden hose pistol (pigeons are rare in my neighborhood). Squirrels are a lot of fun too.

  2. > BTW who works on a sunny saturday afternoon anyway?

    Too many people… this is just my 5 o’clock break on a Sunday of work. Oh, I’d love to see the pictures too.

  3. Do you guys realise how hard it is, holding a camera while aiming for a moving [flying] thing with a cheap plastic water gun?

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