Where is my Olympic Discipline?

Because Golden Week is no reason to slack off, this week program is centered around: 2 hours biking, 6 hours clubbing and 4 hours banging at a keyboard in some vague hope of finding a cancer cure by accident1. Daily.

Day 2 (and counting) of that regimen and, beside symptoms of mild sleep deprivation, everything seems good.

  1. hey! it worked for Fleming. I say it’s worth a shot. []


  1. I don’t have time just now for a thorough rummage, but as personal blogs of miscellany go, I reckon I like what you do.

    If you are still a ‘skinny white boy’ as stated in your ‘About’ section, and you want to change this (the ‘skinny’ part anyway – that’s the only area I can advise on), I recommend:

    a) Eating more protein-rich food than you would normally feel comfortable with. Skinny people always overestimate how much they eat; no one has a magic fast or slow metabolism, unless they have some rare disorder. Big muscular people burn the most calories because muscle requires maintenance nutrition even when not heavily taxed. You’ll gradually get used to a higher-calorie diet.

    If you put on some fat in the process, lose it after you’ve built some muscles.

    b) Do infrequent but intensive resistance-training. ‘Infrequent’ because many people make the mistake of not leaving the muscles time to recover: hypertrophy is a response to stress, not something that happens instantly when you work out. Unless you want to win an Olympic gold, I think that once per week is enough for normal people.


  2. Hello Mr. G,

    Erm, thanks for the advice… I’ll keep that in mind.

    Note that I said: ‘skinny’, not ‘completely out of shape’.
    I make some effort and have a pretty healthy diet, I love me some proteins and eat my daily tofu, I do exercise and bike a lot (my mere commute is about an hour by bike each day).
    But in the end, there’s also genetics… and I’ve made my peace with the fact that I will always have a rather slight frame and that every single pound I put on will have to be hard-earned muscle without a hint of fat to go with it.

    On the plus side, I was told many times (by people who would know), that I had the perfect profile for professional muay thai fighting… Too bad I value my dentition and unperforated vital organs so much…

    Good luck with your own regimen and I’ll make sure to update that old list of mine if the skinny (or white) part ever improves.


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