Rock Technicality

Mother, should I run for President? Roger Waters

Hearing this album for perhaps the billionth time since I turned 12, I just realised tonight that this particular piece of lyrics just doesn’t make any sense, being sung by an Englishman.


Class president, maybe?


I have way too much free time (not really).


  1. Well, “Prime Minister” doesn’t rhyme with “Government”.

    (assuming a suitably loose interpretation of the word “rhyme”)

  2. How could matters of lyrical rhyming ever take precedence over a proper depiction of your country’s constitutional government system? That’s just plain irresponsible: who will teach the kids then!

  3. I always figured the bricks were metaphorical ones placed between the conscious and un- or subconscious minds. Somewhat of a less literal “translation” than the wikipage, perhaps, but then I never had the album, just listened to the single on the radio sometimes.

    Could The President be a metaphor? Just a guess: the ego?

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