New Lab, New Money, pt. 2

Sensei: Blah blah blah… international collaboration project… blah blah blah… grant submission accepted… blah blah blah… Five year budget.

Dave: Great. But, huh, how does it affect me?

Sensei: How would you feel about going to Berlin or Boston for three months? All expenses paid, of course.

Dave: Sure, what’s the schedule and which project would I be working on?

Sensei: Oh, it’s entirely up to you, just pick the faculty and project you’d like to work on and a time during this fiscal year you’d like to go. Where would you prefer: Berlin or Boston?

Dave: Dunno. Both are nice. Does either include daily spa and massage, by any chance?

Sensei: If you want, you can do one country this year and the other next year.

Dave: You don’t say.

Sensei: We’ll also send you to their workshop in Boston this Summer anyway.

Dave: Recession hasn’t hit our lab yet, has it…

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  1. I need to have your job. Not as a nuclear scientist or whatever you are though, but still. C’mon, that’s just crazy!

  2. You lying bastard, you told me you’d never come to Boston, and now I’m long gone. It’s a trick isn’t it.

    Watch out for the snow, and try to seduce some tattooed scenester (though I suppose Japan has no lack of em..)

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