1. Wow… Just wow. I guess Windows 7 has gotten Microsoft too much good publicity, thankfully they just corrected that.

  2. hehe .. while i like the idea and would love to give it a try … this video is just the cheesiest thing ever !!!

    Can’t wait to see really botched up results on youtube!

  3. Oh you bastard. No warning or anything? Now that awful music is running through my head over and over… I’m going to claw your ears off next time I see you.

  4. kinda .. Lisa (Steve Job’s daughter’s name) is using a macbook pro .. probably castrated down to running windows … sigh

  5. Personally I think both technology and advertising video are scary. And while I’m sure Songsmith “sort of” works, I anticipate it doing to home music-making what Microsoft Word’s 3D word effect has done to home desktop publishing.

    And for those of you who might have missed:
    (while the second is somewhat bearable in a generic-supermarket-latino music kinda way, the first one is probably how the apocalypse soundtrack would sound)

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