Can you spare some Change, man…

As you may have noticed, I have painstakingly avoided writing about the upcoming election.

Not just because I am busy enjoying a month-long semi-vacation under the Californian sun, but also because last time didn’t work out as expected (we could say that) and left me caring (and wanting to care) considerably less about the political future of America. Recent economic events have only made this indifference stronger, in that I am pretty sure we have just witnessed the collapse of the US empire and the beginning of its steadily decreasing imprint on the world.

However, now that an Obama victory seems nearly too tempting not to call (though I won’t, because I’ve learnt my lessons), it is within reach.

This could mean an end to 8 years of the most viciously incompetent, borderline criminal, administration this country has ever had (and competition is fierce on that one). An Obama win is definitely the only thing at this point that might help bring the US back up, steer it to a somewhat peaceful retirement amongst the club of Former-ruler-of-the-earth-turned-important-but-not-so-much countries. Considering the other option (broke-ass third-world piece of land with a large military and not much else), this would definitely be for the best.

It would also be the first time I am actually supporting wholeheartedly a candidate, instead of simply rooting against his opponent. Obama might not be perfect, but he certainly strikes me as one of the most promising US candidate of the past 3 decades…

Tomorrow, make sure you vote if you are entitled to. Also if you live in California, make sure to help keeping bigots out of your constitution.

Either way, I think I’ll be drinking heavily tomorrow night.

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