Exponential Growth of Plot Contrivance

At its current rate of lazy, never-ending cheap self-one-upmanship it calls a plot, Heroes probably won’t make it past mid-season before its characters have all been made into equally indestructible super-human beings with god-like abilities. What then? Do they settle it with a tickle fight.

Is this show written by teenage nerds on ritalin, or did they just post a poll on the back covers of sci-fi mags?


  1. With the new focus on the “butterfly effect” in season 3 — why is it that the unintended consequences of time travel are horribly negative?

    OMG, I just stepped on a butterfly, and now in the future we have jet packs and flying cars!

  2. Update to to above: Except Bradbury. Naturally, he nailed it. Things weren’t radically better or worse, just… _different_.

    (referring of course to “A Sound of Thunder”)

  3. Thank you for acknowledging this publicly. I was disappointed in the second season, and the one episode of the third season I’ve seen was horrible. The first season stands alone as a great story. Had a beginning, middle, and an end. They should have stopped there.

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