The problem with neuroscience paper-writing at home…

In a word?


Allow me to illustrate:

Situation 1. Computer science paper:

“Mmn. These graph mapping simulations are really taking a while to complete, maybe I should get a new laptop.”

Situation 2. Cognitive science paper:

“Yes, hello, I’d like to order a dozen rhesus monkeys with proper wiring and electrode setup. Do you deliver?”

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  1. Maybe a new MacBook Air will do the trick. Or, it would have been best if Steve Jobs had announced, “oh, and one more thing…we are introducing the iRhesus, the latest in wi-fi mammal connectivity, especially designed for seamless experimentation…”

  2. have to say that i find the fact that you are doing experiments at home pretty disturbing…
    can imagine the quotes in the newspaper:

    “i never thought he would do something like that”

    “…but he was such a sweet child”

    “i always thought there was something a little insane about him”…

  3. Felix: now there’s an idea. Unfortunately, last I heard, their team was still stuck on breeding the perfect shade of aluminium-colored Rhesus monkeys…

    MissSin: you have no idea. Keeping 10 monkeys in your living room for research purposes is a lot of work. Do you know how much food a day these fuckers eat? And don’t get me started on the feces flinging…

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