We are going down…

My not-so-great hosting company having unilaterally decided to move the cluster my account resides on. This website, and all other websites on my account, as well as email and everything else, will be out of reach for about 8 hours starting at 10pm PST.

This sucks, unfortunately there isn’t much I can do (not like DH bothered offering any temporary hosting elsewhere: just a very helpful “going down tonight, deal with it” announcement).

Back in 24 hours.

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  1. Eh, it could be worse. At least DreamHost warned you two weeks ago on their status page. Now if they decide to take the Randy cluster over to LAX, I’m gonna start wondering why they suddenly don’t have any power in their main datacenter. After all, they’ve already moved all their dedicated servers, as well as 2 or 3 other clusters of shared servers to LAX, and moved countless other servers/clusters to their Alchemy datacenter. Wonder what kind of diabolical schemes their working on in their primary datacenter?

  2. Matt: indeed, it could be worse and I was given a two weeks warning. But frankly, notice or not, it doesn’t help much when you have all you domains on the same server going down simultaneously. Offering temp accounts with a bit of space and bandwidth to host at least a basic backup service during the shutdown would have been the most elementary commercial courtesy imho…

  3. and I am not even talking about doing *something* with DNS, so as to avoid for the whole IP range to be unreachable at once (offering temporary redirection, something, anything)…

  4. Viper: true, true… But DH isn’t exactly free either. It’s not like I’m complaining about my Geocities or Googlepage account, here.
    There ought to be some middleground between all those $10/month, empty promises, crappy service, horrendous uptime offers and the total overkill of $150/month dedicated boxes.
    I’d gladly pay twice what I’m paying for even less disk space and bandwidth, all for a reasonable uptime (and not an endless strings of once-a-week interruptions presumably caused by an overstretched infrastructure) and the same array of control panel services I’ve come to expect from even the poorest hosts. Unfortunately, from past experience, this is nigh impossible to get. And when you get it, chances are your jewel of a hosting company will get flocked within months and you’ll be back to square one, hosted on an overcrowded server that crashes once a day.

    You can’t win, really.

  5. Have you checked out asmallorange.com ? Might want to, excellent host. Been with for over 2 years and loving it…

  6. Hi Dave,

    I believe you had the wp-plugins.org site?? How much bandwidth / space / load were you using? I own a few servers and might be able to give you some fairly inexpensive space…

    No guarantees but if you are looking for a solution I’ll see what I can do to help, it was a pretty good site.


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