Stay Tuned

Seriously, is anyone still reading this?

For the couple tenacious lost souls still around, here is the perennial pointless “Oops, has it been a month already?” post. Insert usual excuses here.

Unfortunately, I cannot even promise you any improvement for a while (possibly two whiles and a half, depending on how things go). However, more as a way to remind myself than anything, here are a couple things I may (or may not) devote a post to, in the (very) near future (OK, I’m typing some of these as I type this):

  • French Politics Part 2 and Ms. Ségolène Royal (I’m nearly done writing it, I swear).
  • Bug-ridden Apple Mail program and why I really, really hate its guts, after it annihilated my inbox and those past 4 months of received emails I hadn’t backed up yet.
  • Incidentally, why you may want to send again any mail you’ve sent me in the past 5 months (particularly if I haven’t replied to it yet).
  • Why Russell Crowe makes a very poor substitute to studying for my Game Theory test.
  • The so-called “Turing” Test: why it is meaningless, pointless and not all that interesting in the end.
  • Complexity classes and NP-completeness. What is it and can it mow your lawn? With extra special bits on primality testing, combinatorial explosion, and my very own personal position on the great P versus NP debate.
  • Cryptology, Encryption algorithms, DES and why they are indeed out to get you.
  • Possibly: what I will be up to, come this Summer, if things go according to the plan (they never do).

Alright, now that I’ve made a bunch of loose promises for new content, I will be going back to actually writing it.


  1. At last – something new to read 🙂
    And no-one’s out to get me, oh no. Far more interesting specimens out there. But maybe we all say that … But what is it they want me for exactly?

  2. Yay! Glad to hear you create loose promises, which, indeed, sets loose goals for yourself and your readers. I am still loosely awaiting, in baited breath, your dissection of Ms. Royal.

    Keep up the keitai photo postings – Paris in the Springtime indeed. Any weekend trips planned outside of the city?

  3. What about announced issue, disapproving turing test: “meaningless, pointless” – what are the facts?
    About achieving win fame in google – U wrote 🙂 , but we expect U for promised one.

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