Michèle on relationships

Dave: So things didn’t work out with D.?

Michèle: Nope. I really have a hard time with relationships, these days… Girls are so fucking complicated.

Dave: You mean boys are easier?

Michèle: Of course. You guys are so easy. [makes brain-switch-off motion] So unchallenging it is restful sometimes.

Dave: Alright, then stick to guys.

Michèle: Meh. Girls have nicer ass.

Dave: Right. Plus sometimes guys wanna cuddle after sex.

Michèle: Yea, what’s up with that ?

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  1. hey!

    you know, i totally forgot you were in paris now! I still keep thinking of you as living in Tokyo for some reason. Man, had i been thinking straight, i really should have dropped you a line and we could have had coffee or something in Paris!

    and can i just say – french food is incredible. i mean, not even the fancy stuff, just the everyday things like bread and cheese and meat and my favoritest of divine manas, sandwich mixte and the gyros and the wine and the

    oh man… *drool* you have no idea how jealous i am of you being able to eat all that stuff everyday 😉

    oh and yeah, sorry i moved my rss feed too. did you find the new one? I should really put it in the header as well.

    anyway it’s


    hope you’re having a good monday! (^_^)v

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