In other geek news…

Around 10am GMT today, Unknowngenius Corp. headquarters have had to sustain yet another nasty email spam attack. This one ostensibly attempting to clog our inbox beyond recognition by sending thousands of spams to random addresses across the world, thus resulting in thousands of “no delivery” response mails being sent back to our own mailbox from hundreds different server, with no way to easily filter them out.

Don’t worry: it had little consequences other than remind me of how ridiculously unequipped for the 21st century the SMTP protocol was… However, as a result, I had to more or less permanently disable my “catch-all” domain-wide default redirect… And yes, I know it probably wasn’t such a bright idea to have one in the first place, but then again, email isn’t such a bright, secured, protocol to begin with, so there.

What this mean in non-geek-speak:

If you have been or are currently trying to reach me using any exotic address ending in, there is a slight chance it may have been eaten by my overzealous anti-spam measures. Try resending using either the contact form or specifically addressing your mail to: dr_dave @ this domain.

Overall, using the contact form is always a good idea, since my mail client spam-filter easily gets carried on sorting ham as spam (can’t all be as efficient as Spam Karma, now can they) and I personally check every week that no contact form submissions sit in my Junk mail folder.

If you’ve contacted me with some matter of importance in the past 2 months and I haven’t replied yet, you may want to give it another try by next week when I’m past exam period. Especially if your email contained any offer of free money or free sex: I certainly missed it among the spam waves.