Fizzing Painkillers

Does effervescent codeine taste like crap or what?

Having to stomach the incredibly bitter aftertaste nearly offsets the pleasure of absorbing pharmaceutical-grade mind-numbing painkillers.

What’s with French meds and bubbles? Can’t they just make them into tiny little pills you swallow, as the rest of the world does?

Must be the Champagne factor…


  1. Aren’t a lot of medicines in france delivered by suppository? Like cough medicine, painkillers, etc … maybe you’d have better luck with that 🙂

  2. Bah, Tod: the suppository thing is a urban legend. It’s just that, being very much unknown in the US, the mere fact it’s used every once in a blue moon in Europe (particularly France) makes it seems common seen from abroad. Truth be told, I don’t remember seeing a suppository ever since I was 6 or so… At any rate, I’ve never ever heard of a cold medicine suppository 😛
    Painkillers are a different matter, as I do remember one very famous movie scene involving morphine, suppositories and some toilet scuba-diving…

    Funny trivia #1: did you know that most people among a certain class of users tend to insert it in an orifice it wasn’t intended to go through (namely: tourists, using mouth instead of rectum).

    Funny trivia #2 (learnt recently): did you know that the proper way to insert a suppository is not (as one might be inclined to think) pointy head first, but the other way round (aerodynamics be damned). Actually, such a common misconception that many guides will recommend the pointy head first, as a way to facilitate insertion, while it is in fact, meant to help the little buddy go up the tract as it contracts (and therefore needs to be backward)…
    Honestly I would never have guessed if a nurse friend of mine hadn’t pointed that recently.

    Ahem, yea, anyway…

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