Little girls love to what???

Am I the one with a sick mind, or would you also do a double take if, opening one of France’s leading newspaper, you glanced upon a headline reading something along the line of “Diddle: Little Girl’s Favorite”?

And just in case you thought it might be yet another unfortunate semantic collision between unrelated words in separate dialects, the article promptly informs you that it is to be pronounced in the English fashion (“dideul”, does it read in French).

And you thought Engrish would end with Japan…

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  1. Oh, I know there wasn’t any ‘e’ in the original… However, it’s still pronounced the very same way. In fact, one could argue that removing the ‘e’ (a cheap brand construction device) doesn’t alter in any way the pronunciation nor the semantics of the word.

    I guess I was just pointing out how obvious it was that this headline (and probably the toy’s naming process) had never involved a native english-speaker at close range.
    Seriously, bring me one who doesn’t fall into scabrous thought association when reading “diddle” and “girls” in the same sentence.

    All right, I must have a filthy mind…

  2. probably exactly the reason why the toy is not known in the English speaking world 🙂

    too many people with their filthy minds wrapped around little girls.

  3. You got my attention-I am a girl who is left no other choice but to daily [well, almost daily] “diddle”- no matter how you spell it- wish my man would diddle me daily!

  4. is it jsut me or is the first pic you see on the diddl site a mouse with big feet and an odd shaped body and head kinda reminds you of a certain male appendage

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