Let’s do a little experiment!

One thing that nearly all people have in common is that they like to know when another person send them something. Using a variety of sources, I think I have a pretty good handle on finding other people who send me stuff. In fact, I think I find about 90% of all packages sent to me — but I may be wrong.

This is an experiment to see how “findable” my house is. Put me to the the test, fellow retarded monkeys bloggers science-inclined readers.

All you have to do is send a $100 bill to this particular postal address (i.e., the one I’ll email you privately). Just call it Dr Dave Postal Tracking Experiment or something like that. After a few days, I’ll post a list of every people I found have sent me a $100 bill. If you’re not on the list, I’ll invite you to send me your tracking number. I’ll report these unfound bills to the Post Office, and we’ll try to figure out why I didn’t get them.

By the way, this is not just a cheap way to get some money (although it won’t hurt). I really think it will be a useful experiment. I’ll reveal all of my sources and, hopefully, learn about some new ones. I think other people and the postal tracking companies may benefit from the results.

Inspired by Mr. J-Walk and his brilliant scheme idiot-trap Blogger Experiment.

“A cheap way to get some linkage”? God forbid anybody would have such debasing thoughts…

But why, of course, you would have to be extraordinarily cynical not to see this for the unique scientific opportunity it represents.

Even more hilarious were friends’ reactions when I pointed this very poor attempt at exploiting the naturally extra-sensitive Stupid Meme Bone of the blogosphere to generate some cheap Google Pagerank:

  • Robert: “Ha! What an idiot! I will immediately link to his site to prove him wrong”.
  • Jonathan: “Heh. I will blog his entry”.

Like fish in a barrel

Update: Oh, irony… sweet, sweet irony…
Something tells me he hasn’t been quite reading the entry before assuming a new participant.
And btw, all URLs above are, in fact, not links to his site: they use redirection (they don’t give him any unnecessary PR but are still easy to spot as an incoming link by a simple look at one’s referrers).
Still, that’s a lot of compliant lemmings there… How comes none of them has sent me my $100 bill yet?

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  1. Hey, I thought if that guy can pull such an old trick (there must be already at least half a dozen of these “experiments” out there), there was no reason I shouldn’t try too…

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