Gastronomico-Theological Thought

So I was wondering:

Can the fact that tofu tastes absolutely nothing like bacon be taken as objective evidence that God hates vegetarians?

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  1. Tofu is the Zen of food as it’s meant to be cooked with something, and it’s that something which the tofu then acquires the taste of. 😉

    In anycase, tofu does taste of something, except that it’s really subtle… a bit like how different breeds of rice taste different. Guess you’ve not become a tofu-fascist yet Dave. 😉

  2. Don’t get me wrong: Tofu doesn’t taste bad
    In fact, I like tofu. No cheaper and healthier source for your protein and always more appetizing than liver, tongue, tori nankotsu and a few dozen other rather nasty meat product…

    It’s just that… I mean… OK, if bacon was the Angelina Jolie of food products, tofu would be Tom Hanks: healthy, clean teeth, decent acting, but the sexiness level of a slob of concrete on a good day.

    Another possibility for my mental block, is the strong parallel (in consistency, not fabrication, of course), that can be drawn with jelly… Incidentally, tofu, like jelly for British so-called cuisine, is both the cornerstone and the weakest point of Japanese gastronomy…

  3. Well, considering Tofu is made of Soybean extracts.. I wouldn’t expect it to taste like bacon. It would taste like.. whatever Soy tates like? Shit, probably. I’ll stick with real bacon, thankyouverymuch. 😉

  4. Roy, you must me outta your mind. Bacon is the only reason why man and pig will never live in harmony and respect of each other: there’s no way to stand anywhere close to one of our oinking friend without immediately visualizing yummy stripes of delicious crispy goodness sizzling on a pan…
    During my vegetarian years, I probably had wet dreams about bacon at least once a month.

  5. Personally, I’d take a single crispy strip of delicious bacon over Angelina Jolie any day.

    But then again, the only bacon I have access to these days is the soggy Japanese stuff, so perhaps I’m speaking purely out of esurience.

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