Science Fair

Useful tidbits of Physics we’ve learned the hard way this week-end:

  • Leave a bottle of bubbly rosé exposed to Tokyo’s Summer temperatures for long enough before opening, and add some ambiance to your party with a lovely geyser fountain. And I do mean a geyser, not a bit of overflow and bubbles… The ceiling just got a nice new finish coat with that one.
  • The combustion point of alleged “deep-frying oil”, as sold by local supermarkets, is way lower than you’d expect.
  • The melting point of the plasticky faux-woodfloor is also lower than the temperature of that bare 150W lightbulb I always keep at foot-tripping level in my bedroom.
  • The only great thing about the Third Law of BBQ Thermodynamics, is that the guarantee of the heaviest rain of the month on the night of your BBQ, is also the assurance that your garden won’t catch on fire, no matter who’s handling the BBQ.
  • Powerbook keyboards like to remain sober. One glass of wine, and they get f4c2ed 4* f6r g66d.
  • The life expectancy of your average shower door is roughly until the next time you stand butt naked, blinded by shampoo and turning your back to the door when it decides to unhinge and fall on you.

Still wondering why I decided to go back to bed and not move until this week-end is over?


  1. Also, expect the minimum requirements for a bicycle tyre puncture is directly related to a) the rainiest night of the year to be pushing it home and b) how much stuff you are trying to put into your basket and c) the week post puncture is too busy to take to bike shop for puncture repair.

    BTW great party!!

    p.s. did the shower door really fall on you? Sorry to laugh but that is hilarious….

  2. Poor honey….

    (is laughing too a little at the shower door thing – but definitely not at the Powerbook story)

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