Live8: I think they got the message!

Nine concerts, hundreds of artists, millions of spectators all over the world…

I think the G8 bigwigs got the message loud and clear: this generation as a whole is still able to stand up, rise, and demonstrate its love of pop music concerts. especially free ones.

Oh, and also they think poverty’s bad and people dying of starvation during evening news is like, so not cool, you know.

I think we are nearly there.

Update: All right, maybe I was a bit hasty in my conclusions. Three billions telespectators, ought to show that this generation does not merely love attending pop music concerts: it is also perfectly happy sitting at home on a couch and watching them on the telly. Wow, take that poverty!
And yea, I think this figure is pure bullshit too, but I read it on the interweb, so it must be true.

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  1. Hahaha I really love this guy. He’s so cynical.
    People should come to this place much more often (and send him cash)

  2. Poverty exists in Africa because no one is willing to end the cycle of dependence and let Africans compete on their own. Well, that, and the fact that many Africans are being slaughtered and repressed by their own governments.

    Of course, no A-roll musician will perform at a concert advocating an end to African monetary aid and revolutions to dispose of the continent’s despots. No no, they don’t want Africans to be free and prosper… they just want to provide to them their next meal and keep them quiet.

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