Now I know how Tantalus felt…

The definition of cruel is when your friends, over at your house for some lo-key, yet highly inebriated, bbq dinner, drunkenly (and unwittingly) opened that one very special bottle of Piper Heidsieck Special Millesime.

No. Hold on. Cruel is when it turns out they drank but a glass and left a full uncorked bottle sitting there for you to mourn in the morning.

Inhumanly cruel, is when all this takes place in the middle of your shot at reaching ascetic enlightenment, and subsequent self-imposed ban on all forms of alcohol consumption.

If I end up not drinking off that bottle today, I will personally write in a demand for a medal from the British National Temperance League.


  1. be strong !!!

    i managed a 3 months non-alc stint and am now on a strict 3 drinks a week schedule … if I can, so can you

    besides calories, health, embarressing monents … one main advantage of nearly no drinking is: one saves shitloads of money!

  2. Man… The no-substance bender is no problem. Sure OJ tastes a bit weird without Vodka in it, but you get used to it after a while…

    Done that a few times in the past, not particularly planning to make it a lifestyle just right now, but indeed, it’s nice to remember most of my previous evenings, not to mention the insane amount of time I save from my usual drinking/passed-out/hangover cycle… Plus it makes the brain cells inventory go smoother if they aren’t moving all the time…

    But this! Man, a Piper Heidsieck Special Millesime… an extremely rare one at that… last of four I received as a bday gift (dated a champagne heiress, way back then)… Plan was to keep it for my third divorce, death of Avril Lavigne, first million-dollar production contract… whichever came first… And I can’t even just take that bottle and go drink it with a friend in the park…

    I get the feeling somebody’s testing me…

  3. Dave, this fucking bottle looking at you is your ennemy. And you have to fear fighting such an ennemy.
    So just drink it.

  4. Neuro: screw you 😛
    I didn’t drink that bottle. Had an ounce of it (don’t think I wasn’t gonna get a taste of it, now do you?)… and gave the bottle to a friend.

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