99 Things about Dr Dave

It’s always the same thing: whenever I stop posting for a few days, the more I wait, the more I set expectations high for a triumphant return, laden with brilliant insights on life, love and death, all written in the elegiac, yet wry and witty, prose that has made my reputation all the way to the English-speaking suburbs of north-Tokyo, and beyond.

Just too much pressure to take.

That and also it’s been kinda sunny outside lately, and every hour not spent coding, has been spent basking in my sunny garden, catching up on readings and bonding with the neighbourhood cats over raw bacon and milk (ever tried raw bacon? It’s awesome).

I am only too painfully aware of how pitiful it would be to post, solely to apologize for not having posted in a while. Hence, I have taken the time to write a few lines about the only topic that I could muster any blogging enthusiasm for, right now: Me. Seeing how talking about myself, as this old queen used to put, is what I do best.

So without further ado: 99 things about Me, me, me…

Frankly doubt you’ll know me any better for that, but it will satisfy this website’s need for an “about me” section, without lifting too much of that shroud of mystery I like to keep tightly wrapped around my persona.