What the Fuck…


… is wrong with hairdressers here?!?

Could somebody tell mine that I am not a US serviceman.
I mean, how freaking complicated can it be: I said “a little bit shorter”, not “shave it to the bone”…

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  1. Ah sweetie, It will grow back soon enough. In the meantime, you may want to rethink your attitute to hats.. 🙂

  2. Nacken: You bet… I should probably sue that guy for the industrial-strength cold I’m carrying now…
    T: darling, rest assured you won’t see me going out hatless any time soon… Unfortunately, I really do not have a hat profile, but no matter how ridiculous I look in blue Kangol cap, that’ll be better than looking like I’m fresh off a base in Okinawa…

  3. I’m sorry man, but that is an absolutely horrendous haircut. Have fun being mistaken for a G.I. for the next three weeks! 😉

  4. Jeff

    Geee… you really think so? thanks for giving me your honest opinion on that 😛

    Is that an invitation to either commit seppuku or go wash that humiliation in my hairdresser’s blood?

  5. マアアア~外人は日本語喋れないからね~聞こえなかったぞ!
    After the sentence everyone living in Japan has at least told once, I just can add that it s not so bad… during summer.

    Most of the foreigners I know get their hairs cut in their own country when they are back on vacation. Not to give you any advice, he !


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