What am I doing here?

Two top reasons I should not be here:

  1. I hate cold weather
  2. My definition of cold weather starts just below 20 degrees Celsius

I mean, I was already freezing on the plane, despite turtleneck sweater and airline blanket, while stewards were strolling gaily along the aisle in short sleeves. Obviously I don’t have the genes.

Perhaps if I drink enough vodka it’ll be a painless death by hypothermia…

On the upside, they have lotsa free sockets for your laptop and reasonably priced wifi in Vancouver airport, whence I’m writing this piece on my ongoing 3 week rant about temperatures…


  1. BigJibby: I’ll drink anything, anti-freeze included… provided it numbs the frostbites..

    Laurent: Bien sûr, comme tout, le plus dur c’est le premier tiers, on sent plus rien après.
    Et en fait, je ne suis pas à Montréal même, mais à quelques heures en chien de traineau: Saint Jean de Richelieu…

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