1. Where did you find that ad? I came across this company when I started researching to see if anyone else uses the name ‘Piko’ and of course these folks are a Hawaii-based surfwear store. You’ve got a great eye for detail!

  2. It was on a rather large billboard on the way out from Kamakura beach, south of Tokyo… To be honest, I only paid limited attention to the whole ad (a fading picture of some hawaiian beach, waikiki, I think)… though from looking at it now, I guess it read something along the line of “we/you like surf! [we got what you need] etc.”
    Not so surprising, since kamakura is a bit of a surf spot (cf posts before this one).

  3. Surfing in Kamakura must be frigid and only for the truly brave and devoted. I must say that I much rather surf the internet, nice and warm with my steaming cup of tea at hand. It’s great to see the ‘piko’ word popping up in surprising places. Cheers!

  4. frigid? Kamakura? hell no!
    Nah… Ocean Beach in SF is a frigid experience…
    Water in Kamakura is definitely mild to warm… at least in August (obviously, trying that in December is not merely for the brave and devoted, it’s downright suicidal)… Especially given the extraordinarily hot weather we’ve been getting this year: anything below molten lava temperature is nice and enjoyable.

  5. Ah, I see! Sometimes I forget that Hawai’i doesn’t have a monopoly on warm waters (after judging from Ocean Beach-like places). I’d love to see Kamakura’s beaches some day.

  6. Yea, it’s easy to forget, leaving in SF, that there are places in the world where “Summer” means a bit more than removing your parka and dropping the surf equipment to a 3/4 wetsuit…
    On the other hand, Kamakura is not Japan’s nicest beach by a stretch (but it’s conveniently close to Tokyo). The view is beautiful, but the beach itself is shamefully dirty (which is particularly strange if you compare that to the overall cleanliness of Tokyo… I mean: the beach is dirtier than the subway! there’s something wrong with that), it’s not a particularly good surfing spot either… But that hardly matters if you are there with friends, miscellaneous party items and a nice weather 🙂

  7. Got here looking for WordPress Plugins, but I’m interested~

    I just moved to Tokyo and get summer vacation right away – thinking of going surfing somewhere (heard Chiba’s nice). Kamakura’s not Japan’s nicest beach…ok – any other suggestions?

  8. Loco,
    As I was saying above most beaches within reasonable distance from Tokyo (less than 2 hour train, say) aren’t exactly great. On average, Chiba beaches are a bit nicer. There are two or three spots, but they hardly qualify as top quality waves… I have never gone surfing there (and haven’t surfed in ages), but I really wonder how they do it, considering how limited the waves are, each time I go by…
    I’d say if you have many days, it’d be worth convincing a few people to go on a small trip out of tokyo, get to enjoy the countryside, find a nice spot with decent waves. Unfortunately not sure I can give you much advice regarding the best place in the country to go to… but there are heaps upon heaps of blogs out there documenting the different areas of Japan and their particularities… Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any more help…


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