Valentine’s Day Bounty

Despite serious efforts and a mind-blowing sense of timing (do I hear “valentine’s day breakup”, anybody?), I still drew enough pity from the wonderful ladies in my life (well, the ones I had not just broken up with) to get my share of the chocolate lovefest that is Valentine’s day in Japan.

A quick look at the war chest gives:

  • 2 boxes of assorted chocolate
  • 5 chocolate bunnies
  • 3 Japanese confection cake
  • 1 king-size Toblerone
  • 8 “chocolate rocks” from Europe (Suchard: lov’em!)
  • 2 French dry sausages (not really a Valentine’s present, but Sarah brought me some food from Paris)

    Good news is that I won’t be starving this week. Bad news is that nobody has come up yet with a healthy diet based essentially on chocolate (and dry sausages).