Supporting Miss Kate at Alife


She did great… despite the pressure and the fact she was doing after-hours reopening: she tore it off.


  1. …a friend from Canada who just got sent this address…
    you look great baby! Tokyo is a big cookie so have a few bites and a big glass ‘o milk 😉
    whip ’em into shape for us k?
    doug xxoo

  2. Katestar, we miss that smile. No one can tag a building like you can. Tall Paul’s right — you rule.

  3. nice one…and where are the go goo types..or maybe they need some…hmmmmmmmm..spin dat record girl!!xox jay

  4. Hello Etak’,GREAT to see that beautiful smile, miss you lots girl… Go easy on the Tokyo!!!Love Brando…

  5. Hey..I know that hottie! You rock Kate! Totally awesome! Miss you and keep havin’ fun! Paddy-O!

  6. Oh dear…why am I not surprised to see Kate rocking the joing at some big rave in Tokyo? Nice work Dunlevy, keep it up!!!

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