Turntables, v1.0 and v2.0

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Ever since last time, I went through two set-ups… First using a rather diverse array of boxes and furniture, raising the whole thing to a smashing 20 inches from the ground, which did little for mixing posture comfort.

And then last weekend, I spent an hour at Tokyo Hands, picking raw shelf construction units and having pieces cut left and right in order to put together the ultimate DJ-Stand/Book Shelf/Clothes Rack (plans and design: drDave ©2003, patent pending).

Quite amazingly, the neighbours have not yet torn down the wall or nailed a dead rat on the door to protest against our repeated noisy late night romps these past few days. It seems they are either really cool with the noise or completely deaf. Actually, that seems to be a pattern with most places where I live – except of course for the one neighbour who got me a court citation for noise disturbance at night, a few years ago.

In other music news, I got two gigs coming up: I’ll be playing at Bar Tokyo this saturday, the place is just at the crossing, on the 7th floor with a huge bay window… it should definitely be a good party.
Then, I’ll be playing a much smaller venue with Atsushi, at Cafe Idée in Sangenjaya: a mix between a loft and a design lounge, not really huge, but since we got the place for ourselves, it promises to be a good night of fun between friends.