Adventures are hardships aesthetically considered…

Fresh out the plane after two weeks in Europe.

Yea, sudden contraption in my personal space-time continuum made any update to the logs nigh impossible this month.
Not that I entirely neglected to document any aspect of my eminently fascinating life. In fact, I did write down a lot of stuff in between two jobs and two planes and occasionally took pictures to make sure I remembered where I’d been, just never had a chance to put all that in a neat web format (and my laptop, being technically dependent on the proximity of wall sockets by its non-existent battery life, was unusable in most situations where I could have taken the time).

And here, a few pics from the Azabu-Juban matsuri, a few weeks ago. Will try to comment later.

So I’ll try to catch up and post a few smaller updates on different stuff in the next few days. For now, let’s just say it’s been interesting (yea, as in “May you live in interesting times”). Lots of good, some bad, some seriously fucked-up. Especially lately. Lately has been exceptionally filled with fucked-up times. I do wonder what I’ve been doing to screw up my karma so bad. I must have stepped by mistake on the reincarnation of the last Dalai Lama as a housefly, or something…

But enough with current troubles, they probably won’t last and I got a spare kidney I can always sell for the rent should the need arise. That is, if the end of this month effectively comes before the beginning of next month, as I’m afraid it might. Pictures and stories tomorrow.