I’m losing my edge…

I’m losing my edge

   to the kids from France and from London…
but I was there
I was there in 1968
I was there at the first Can show in cologne

I’m losing my edge

I’m losing my edge
   to the kids whose footsteps…
   I hear when I get on the decks

but I was there
I was there
I was there
   paradise garage dj booth with larry levan
I was there in jamaica during the great sound clashes

I woke up naked on a beach in Ibiza in ’88…

but I’m losing my edge
   to better looking people
   with better ideas and more talent…

b’t actually… they’re really nice

I’m losing my edge

I heard you have a compilation of every good songs ever done by anybody

I heard that you have a white label of every seminal detroit techno tracks: 1985, 86, 87

I hear that you and your band have sold your guitars and bought turntables
I hear that you and your band have sold your turntables and bought guitars…

I hear, everybody that you know
   is more relevant
   than everybody that I know…

lately, I’ve been listening to tons of weird electro-post-something-techno tunes like lcd soundsystem (brilliantly losing his edge) and green velvet (particularly trippy preacher man track: one day, I need to do a road trip through the bible belt with a sampler recorder)…

Also stumbled upon 2 Many DJ’s first recorded bootleg: Radio Soulwax pt. 1 (e2k hash)… it is actually more like a draft of their second, officially released CD: Radio Soulwax Pt.2 (e2k hash), but with major differences in that it contains most of the tracks and samples they were refused clearances for. So I guess it is a bit closer to the original intent…

Anyway, both are just unique alien pieces of recording. Each one features over a hundred tracks and probably twice more samples, mixed, remixed and crammed into one continuous stream of 70 minutes.

Of course, what makes it a world apart from the crappy dance compilation you can buy by the pound in supermarkets is that we are talking about virtually every musical genres and popularity mixed together… top 40s hip-hop gets pounded by obscure hardcore techno, 70s hard rock undermines 90s ambient house, angry german rock headbutts trance anthems… I don’t know of many other people so shamelessly mixing the unmixable and getting away with it so well… If anything, the warped bootleg covers of original classics alone would be worth the time (I wanna be your dog electro’ed by dakargrinser is my all time favorite)…

Not unlike what you’d be getting at a high-schoolers’ house party when people start fighting around the stereo, except the herd of drunk teenagers would be replaced by two fine music connoisseurs and skilled djs…

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  1. Radio Soulwax: Awesome!! Some of those mixes defy belief. Desiny’s Child -> Dolly Parton -> Royksopp is sheer brilliance. I jumped out of my chair cheering. Who is Radio Soulwax and what are they doing now?

    Erm, lcd soundsystem has lost its edge. 🙂 The words are beautiful but, except for the perfectly timed transition in the middle, I find it long and stale. Like a breadstick. Maybe it’ll grow on me…

    Gonna go play some more Soulwax. Who else can move from Marilyn Manson straight into Janis Jay and make it sound good? (much less even concieve of it being a good idea…)

  2. From the 2manydj’s web site:

    “7/13/2003 11:52:48 AM Globez : 2 many dj heard in Thailand (Full Moon Party-Koh Pha Ngan)”

    This just makes me drool uncontrollably.

  3. Preacher Man was huge when it came out mid 90s. Still play it to this day, same for the new LCD Soundsystem. Awesome.

  4. re: Preacher man
    Yea, I kinda remember hearing this tune and other Green Velvet zany stuff back then (particularly Answering “I-Don’t-Need-This-Shit” Machine and Flash ;o) but I must admit I was then more into his other label: Cajual (amazing vocal house produced under the Cajmere moniker).
    Actually, I wrote a piece on this versatile DJ/producer/madman for Everything2:

  5. It’s a while since I’ve heard any GV stuff I’ve liked, and quite happily got another copy of Preacher Man on the weekend.

    On the tip of recollection, which Losing My Edge is to a point, hunt down Abe Duque’s “What Happened?” with Blake Baxter on the vocal. A playful look at the ups and downs of clubs, music and artists.

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