John Waters is a Cinematographic Mutant

went on a tape rental frenzy with Hiromi yesterday late and watched movies until morning…
Among them, I got to see Cecil B. Demented that I had unfairly skipped in the theaters due to some rather unanimously disappointed critiques.

Well, even though this is certainly not John Waters’ greatest movie ever, it is still a really good one.
I suspect the reason for the lukewarm reception was precisely what makes all his movies so great: you never know for sure if he is making fun of his loony heroes or siding with them…
He never really clearly take positiong in the odd issues he depicts… and I guess that’s what is so disturbing for most people.
I guess his line is probably something of both sides but not in a I-stay-safely-in-the-middle-and-watch way, more in a we-are-far-gone-lunatic-and-proud-of-it way…

And my favorite John Waters quote:
“I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty.”

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