1. You know, Felix, I think she actually meant any facial features, not just nationalities (an admittedly fleeting one)… Funny in that you usually hear that in English, not in Japanese 😉

    As for AllLookSame.com, I remember doing it a while back and getting a rather miserable score… But I’m not overly concerned: I don’t know of any Japanese who could tell for sure an ethnic Korean from a Japanese, let alone differentiate other countries in Asia… I would tend to consider it a similar problem to European countries: sure you have good chances to spot a Swede from a southern Frenchman… But there are many short dark-haired people in Sweden, and a few tall blond ones in France…

  2. Now, you change your opinion?

    1) Huh, no.
    2) What opinion? I merely stated that most Japanese are thoroughly unable to tell a Korean from an ethnic Japanese in the street. And this is not an opinion, it’s a fact (please by all means, go check if you don’t believe me).
    3) If I was to change my “opinion”, it certainly wouldn’t be on account of a bunch of losers ranting on a public forum somewhere between their 200th thread on “why Japanese girls are so easy” or 50th call for help on how to finish their homemade Pikachu costume…

    So… what opinion, again?

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