Tip Jar

Update: Please note that this was originally written for Spam Karma v.1 and therefore some elements (licensing especially) no longer apply to SK2. Same spirit overall though.

OK, so before I go any further, let me make things as clear as I can:

Spam Karma is and will always be absolutely free. Free as in beer, free as in love.

So free, actually, that you could practically take it, change twenty lines and start selling it as yours. Except your own karma would probably shrivel as a result.

Anyway, the gist of it is that you are under no obligation, legal or moral, to pay anything for its use. In fact, you are entirely welcome and encouraged to use it for free. Though a supportive e-mail or comment is always nice too.

Now that we got that part out of the way:

Lately I have been submerged by people inquiring on how they could repay me for all the great work I have done on Spam Karma and all that.

Ok, so maybe not exactly “submerged”, but I got two emails and one comment in this direction today, which is more people offering to get me things than during the whole three months of my stint in a Tokyo strip club.

Not one to disappoint, and because bandwidth doesn’t come that cheap these days, I figured there should be no harm in helping all the people willing to part with a dollar or two, by providing this Paypal link:

An Amazon Wishlist probably would have been more adapted, but I really do not have the time to compile a list right now, plus we all now I’d sell these books for crack anyway.

Let me add that, while you can be sure that this money will be put to good use (buying a gallon-sized bottle of vodka or a replacement hip for my disabled grandma, whichever I can afford first), it won’t actually get you anything beside my eternal gratitude: neither the slightest guarantee that I’ll keep developing Spam Karma, nor any kind of preferential treatment with your bugs. Both development and support will be utterly unaffected by this and will keep depending solely on: 1) level of anger of my deserted entourage 2) time I can afford to devote to support without making it a fourth full-time day job.

I am not saying that if the donations reached insanely high proportions, I would not drop most other projects to concentrate solely on this one… But I’d more likely just blow the money on a plane ticket to the nearest beach paradise in the southern hemisphere never to be heard again.

Anyway, feel free to send your spare dollars, yens, pesos or traveller checks if you really really enjoyed using Spam Karma, but do not feel like you have to (and my grandma doesn’t need this hip prosthesis so badly anyway). I also accept first newborns, but I need a release form with them.

Oh, and don’t forget to go add your comments to Spam Karma 2.0 Call for Requests.