Cabin Fever is Kicking In…

Now I ask you:

Could ten consecutive hours spent in the sole company of Messrs. Lebesgue and Cauchy’s monstrous brain-children somehow be nefarious to one’s sanity and legendary sense of humor?

Not in the least of course. Actually, the American Association of Stand-Up Comic Mathematicians (AASUCM) recommends at least a 15 hours daily intake of Calculus to stay in good health.

By the way, you know the story of Whack, the Dog, and Flop-Flop, the Seagull?

Wanna hear it?

OK, so there’s this cute little dog who’s crossing the street, failing to notice the huge SUV roaring down the street in his direction and… Whack, the Dog…

Oh, Flop-Flop the seagull too?

So there’s this seagull peacefully flying somewhere off the Persian Gulf coast, failing to notice the huge UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter scurrying in its direction and…


so yea, maybe it’s time to take a break from mathematics and sleep some…

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  1. You left out the Crash-Burn bit to the Flop-Flop the seagull story. You see, a bird in this case is known as FOD. Or Foreign Object Debris. FOD is bad for aircraft – especially ones that cannot glide. FOD can be anything that hits the aircraft or is sucked into engines – so birds, rocks, large bits of tree branches, small children etc is FOD.

    For all the technical innovation of the US military (and all others too really) a billion dollar stealth bomber can be easily downed by a Mallard duck with poor directional sense. And actually, the USAF discovered the hard way that stealth aircraft are invisible to bats. Ooops. (Oh hey, is that still classified? Oh well.) It can at least glide. Where as your UH-60 + Bird collision usually results in in-flight pilot decapitation/engine disintegration followed by a very poor glide path to the ground.

    So for all of you 2nd/3rd tier oil rich nations out there – ditch trying to develop better AAA/SAM defenses. Invest heavily in bats. (Mmm. I think I just violated a major section of the “patriot act” so I have to run now. Fast.)

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