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Japan Another Babylon
Posted 05 November 2003 – 11:39 AM
All of these things seem to be happening in Japan. Japan is possibly another babylon. Japan has frequent earthquakes too. Maybe also a sign. All of the worlds technology seems to thrive from Japan. The funny thing is, is that I feel led to goto the Japanese people. I am pursueing that right now. In the near future I plan on transfering within my company to Japan. God has laid them on my heart. I am currently studying japanese, and God has put me in contact with at least 3 japanese people who are in the US or Japan. Japan in very wicked, I don’t need to go into the Violence or sexuality they portray blatently in there movies and ANIME. As I stated in my “matrix” theory. Japan is a very industrialized nation. They have almost no forest left, everyone lives in apt. technology has taken over thier lives. And I fear America will soon be in the same boat. Pray for me as I strive to do Gods will, and reach out to the japanese people.

OK. Granted making fun of hardcore literal-minded christians is like shooting fish in a holy water font. Especially the kind who do not mind using the word “wicked” in its non-second-degree, we’ll-burn-you-to-the-stake, medieval acception, while keeping a straight face.

But nonetheless, it’s refreshing to know that there are people out there with real concerns about the direction things are going in this world and the soul of these “poor unsaved Asian people”.

And by the way, which country do you think has the highest statistics for murders, robberies, violent crimes and other nasty things most definitely reproved by the official christian rules book and by any decent gentleman in general? And in what segment of this population can we find the most vociferous proponents of unregulated gun ownership?

Yea, that’s what I thought too.

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