Some Ramen Place in Shinjuku

Picture 040126_0028~01.jpg “Attention Customers:
In order to prevent skipping out on a restaurant bill.
We strictly prohibit leaving before paying the bill.

See. Now I’m not convinced that this sign would be considered much of a walk-out deterrent in a US restaurant.

The beauty of Japan is that telling people it’s forbidden to shoplift or a very naughty thing to kill people and steal their money, is still considered the ultimate argument to freeze halt any dishonest plan in the making.

Update: Bigger version here


  1. Makes sense. Makes lots of sense…This morning when I came to work I had this “book title” waiting at my desk: “You live polish up yourself.”

    By the way, I like that “send me replies to my comment via email” feature you’re using here.

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