Sad as it makes me to part with this beautiful piece of craft, I just no longer have the time to play it, and I know there is someone out there who will give it the attention and love it deserves.

Giving it away in the hope it will make a lover of beautiful traditional instruments happy somewhere.

Surprisingly easy to get into, if you have any experience with string instruments (and even if not).

Dimensions: approx 155x25x12cm (I usually store it standing against a wall)

Comes with custom-made cloth cover, a set of bridges (Ji) and some sheet music.

One major caveat: following an unfortunate fall, a piece of wood has broken on each side (plus a crack through the bottom part that was there from the beginning). I surmise it is fixable with a bit of wood glue and shouldn’t affect the sound quality dramatically (but I’m no expert on the matter).

Pick up: near Togoshi (one station off Gotanda). 5 min walk to the station. Not particularly heavy, but you’d probably want to have two people on hand to carry it safely.

Cat (and main reason for aforementioned cracks) is not included. But willing to negotiate for the right price.

And by the way, I am giving away a whole bunch of other things…