What do we blog about when we have nothing interesting to say and we have already posted so many pictures of the cat in the keitai log that we are feeling a bit nauseated ourself?

Why, but we skim our log stats, of course! Digging that endless fodder of cheap entertainment that are search engine referrer keyphrases!

You know what they say about the correlation between the size of a crowd and its collective IQ? Well that should be a good clue as to what to expect from the Web-using community at large.

Let’s have a look, shall we:
[all italicized search strings below taken verbatim from my February server stats]

  • a guide to better living through alcohol. Easy: Pour. Drink. Refill. Go back to step 1.
  • japanese schoolgirl panties: As we already pointed out, you stand better chances over there.
  • padawan definition: isn’t that Klingon for “acneic virgin”?
  • posted by xanax: No. sponsored by Xanax
  • hunting beavers: just bait them with white birch…

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