Life of a Research Student

Minutes from the first meeting of the organisational committee for the Joint Bioinformatics Center’s Grad Student Presentation Day:

P-san: Ok, now that we have set the presentation schedule for the day, we need to name the session chairs. And a time-keeper for each session.

Dave: That’s easy: there are three sessions, there’s three of us… We each chair one session.

K-san: Actually… The goal is to avoid doing it ourself. Chairing sessions is a real pain in the ass.

Dave: Good point.

K-san: There are three participating labs. For time-keepers, we’ll just pick the kōhai in each of the three labs…

P-san: nods in assentiment

Dave: Great idea. Stupid kōhais, gotta be good for something.

K-san: For session chair, we’ll just ask one senior member from each lab to volunteer.

P-san, Dave: Sounds good…

Dave: Wait a minute… There is only one research student in my lab: me!

K-san: Oh… that’s right.



Dave: Chotto FML.


  1. Yea, yea… It should probably be Student Researcher, or, more specifically grad students.
    I loosely translated the scope, which involves research work presentations by all 大学院生 (MSc and PhD), but not faculty members…

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