1. I used the mimeparser PHP class found here:


    to put together a basic script that checks a set e-mail address on my server and parses the title, date, image and body, resizes the image if necessary, then automatically posts it my moblog. (I just set a cronjob to run the script once an hour or so)

    The entire thing didn’t take very long to write (I was using my own blogging engine so hooking the script in so it posted automatically was trivial, not sure how easy it will be if you’re using wordpress, though I’m guessing it’s no big thang for a PHP guru like yourself 😉 )

    Since it just checks an e-mail address, it works fine with images you send from your iphone (or any device for that matter).

    Anyway, that’s how I solved that problem. The class linked above does all the heavy and tedious lifting involved with parsing the e-mail and attachments, so you’re free to do the fun stuff like formatting and posting it 😀

  2. Michael:

    Thanks for the tip: I know, I used to have a script just like that (even fancier, as it read through headers to decide how to treat the email and format the pics, depending on a whole bunch of parameters)… But it just doesn’t make sense to keep using it with the iPhone:
    – for one, the iPhone sucks at mailing pictures… (all the people who bray about the iPhone’s wonderful UI, seem to forget how crappy it is at doing a lot of the things most keitai do pretty well).
    – there are a couple good apps that should be able to post pics directly to my blog, using an ad hoc UI and thus generating slightly more compatible markup etc. It should take really little effort to have WP display these posts made from my iPhone, the same way it used to display my old Keitai posts… just need to spend the time on it 😉

    Anyway, this blog badly needs a serious facelift… I’m just not sure how motivated I am. Particularly since to be ideal, I’d need to get rid of WP in the frontend, and that’s just more time than I want to invest right now.

    Who still reads blogs anyway?

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