Selfish brats…

There is a lot I would like to write about the recent news from Ireland
But frankly, I can’t be arsed and it would be nothing you couldn’t read elsewhere anyway.

So to keep it short and bitter, I’ll just say that, as a fierce Euro-hopeful, I’m doubly disappointed by this result. Not only because it drags the once promising European process further into the ditch where it’s been for the past couple years, but also that Ireland, of all countries, had to be the one responsible for doing so.

If by now you haven’t heard a thousands times how Ireland virtually owes a huge share of its current miracle economic success to the very European solidarity process they have just bailed out on, then you must have been sleeping for the past 20 years.

It’s bad enough seeing people and countries act as selfish me-first teenagers, but when said country was until not so long a clear beneficiary of such solidarity and decides to leave as soon as they are finally asked to pitch in… That’s both infuriating and slightly dispiriting about people.


  1. Yeah, but things will get back on track. I think it’s disappointing, but I think it’s to be expected when you take a group of independent states with their loooong histories and grudges and mesh them into a federation (of sorts). I mean, when you look at the lengthy history of conflict and nationalism, the process of EU organization is still in its infancy. So like an infant, there’s probably going to be lots of crying, diaper changes, and fighting over toys.

    I’d also expect a brief flareup of far-right/neo-nazi/anti-immigrant groups across Europe. I worry about that a bit more than recalcitrant member states playing games with the process or acting like ingrates.

    I think more states will come on board when they see the benefits of the federation don’t erase their culture, history and result in [insert immigrant class of choice here] stealing all the jobs.

    Frustrating though, to everyone who can see that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks if they’d just get on with it already.

  2. So you’re basically saying that Ireland can vote once they vote the way the EU wants…
    How is that democratic? Ireland is a member state of the EU and for us to be dictated to on how we’re allowed vote makes us little more than a sub servant to the EU.

    I think Ireland have been made scapegoats in the Lisbon treaty fiasco.
    Polls in the UK and Denmark suggested that Lisbon would get hammered, Holland and France both rejected the treaty 3 years ago and yet Ireland is getting slammed for following suit!

    In my opinion the Lisbon treaty would weaken Ireland’s position and political influence in the EU and the way you write its as if the EU will come crashing down around our ears simply because we rejected it.
    All Ireland has done is prolong the current status quo in Europe until a fairer more clear and coherent treaty can be drafted.
    That said, I think it is now up to Ireland to purpose an alternative and hopefully in the coming weeks the government will stop licking there wounds on losing the referendum and do just that.
    If the rest of Europe forges ahead with the treaty and leaves Ireland behind in some two-tier Europe then Ireland will rightly have to live with the consequences.

    I also find your comment that Ireland is little more than a spoilt child dragged in to economic prosperity by European money extremely insulting.
    No one would deny that Europe played a big part in the resurgence of the Irish economy but throwing money at a problem doesn’t make it disappear and to discard the commitment and dedication of the Irish work force, the pragmatism of the government in handling investment, developing education and driving open markets over the last twenty years is a slap in the face of every person in this country who has worked there socks off to make Ireland a better more prosperous place to live and begin, as we are now doing, to repay Europe for it’s investment.

  3. I can confirm all you described here. I am a EU national, living in Ireland, and every day I see in the media this irish selfishness. You must be blind or irish to not recognize it! There is a saying which fits very well ” Never forgets where you came from”.

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