Life Lessons #23421, pt. 1 to 4

  1. If you are heading for a night out and contemplate leaving your winter coat at the office: consider double-checking said coat’s pockets for any items that you may need, further down the night. Special attention probably needs to be paid to small, flat, key-shaped items, which may turn up crucial when you finally decide to hitch a cab-ride home and find yourself very stupid, standing at your frontdoor.
  2. Always make sure you have backup keys, planted at somewhat walkable distances from your place.
  3. Ex-GF at 4 in the morning: definitely not a good idea (whodathunk).
  4. Giving a key to your friend living nearby: much better idea.

NB: Remember to treat Nordine to a fancy dinner some time soon. (So sowwwy I had to wake you up: I promise it won’t happen, ever again).

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