How about calling it “Life” ?

Have you ever noticed how, sometime, you feel so great about life that the most catastrophic news barely manage to scratch past your happiness before slipping away unnoticed…

But then, when things have come crashing down and you feel utterly miserable about everything, inside or outside, you cannot bring yourself to care, let alone rejoice, about the sort of good news you’d been waiting with baited breath for months until then.

All that in an endlessly repeating sequence, it seems.

I think we need a name for that strangely cyclical phenomenon…


  1. Yep, that works too. I was trying to think of a pithy way to contrast the two. Manic-Depressive certainly seems inborn at the genetic level just waiting for the teens or twenties to have the final genetic precursor triggered to precipitate it whereas there’s something more voluntary about the way we get trashed by love. You can resist but it kills all your highs and lows. Something about the moth and the flame.

  2. Nah, I’ll get to it on my blog, but it’s basically about spinning lots of
    energy, then running out and crashing. The more you spin, the more you crash. t works the other way around, too. The more you use, the more you have to make. The menstrual cycle’s not a bad analogy, actually. But that’s an every other month thing. Ask a woman what I’m talking about.

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