Harold’s Bachelor Party

  • I am aching from muscles I didn’t even know existed.
  • I was, at one point during this week-end, seen clutching to a rope, trying to get from tree A to tree B, 30 feet above ground.
  • I am missing small but meaningful patches of skin and pieces of flesh from a couple spots around my body.
  • I woke up earlier than if I had to go work. On both days.
  • I swam in a lake that must have been collecting fertilizers from surrounding rural areas for the past 20 years. Judging by its color.
  • I didn’t drink a drop of liquor, but absorbed enough Red Bull to start growing a second pair of bovine testicles soon.
  • I didn’t see a single stripper.

Why the hell can’t my friends do like everybdy else and celebrate their bachelor party by getting drunk and snorting blow off a hooker’s tits in Las Vegas?


  1. Hi..do you know 気功。。腹式呼吸。。and image it…just need 5 mintues..do it at morning and
    evening..twice.until the pain gone.your brain can countrol it..but need your mind to teel It.

  2. Neuro: not my bachelor party, why should I have been the one taking the bath?

    AY: innit what’s it’s made of?

    Urchin: I do not back down from this claim. Not only a real lake, but a somewhat large one. And my Brittany friends are insulted by your claim that Brittany may not have any natural lakes.

    Houlien: 今大丈夫になった。助言はありがとうね!

    Ria: done. Sent you my best take at your (mighty difficult) test. As for Bretagne, I’m not sure it offers the same array of entertainment as Las Vegas, but surely it can compete on the drinking (and drunk-driving) front.

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