Skipping the grid

In five minutes, I’m heading south, way out in the French wilderness, far from civilization and high-speed internet access.

Do you know how many years it’s been since I spent 48 hours without Internet access? Neither do I.

See you at the end of the week.


  1. Thanks everybody!
    It was lovely indeed being out of reach from the tentacular internet and communing with Mother Nature.

    Mick: not sure there is much of a story to report, as it was mostly a trip of the “do the least possible while enjoying oneself” variety. Very successful at that too.

    hazlett: well, not quite wilderness, but as close as you’ll get to while staying within French borders. Closest village was less than a thousand souls and a [mountainous] mile’s walk.
    As for I’ll look into it, but I reckon yours is a browser compatibility problem. I’d recommend using any non-IE (Safari, Firefox etc) browser until I have time to fix whatever breaks in IE.

    Daphne: didn’t have a chance this year, but who knows: perhaps next time! Hope you had a good trip down south yourself and enjoying the countryside as much as I did…

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