School Assignments in the 21st Century

One step up from cheating googling up references for your university assignment:
Posting the entire project requirements to a few newsboards and wait for generous math-loving souls to do it all for you.

An idea that apparently befell a few of my classmates, a cursory Google query tells me. However: none of their gullible benefactors have so far made contributions to their cause of high enough value that they’d help mine (beggars can’t be choosers), so I guess I’ll stick with the initial plan, gear up for a few days without sleep and do it myself.

To the point: Now being the end of May, the end of May being apparently such a nice and round date, than it was deemed the ideal deadline for every single of my university projects, essays, assignments etc., me having as usual spent most of my recent times procrastinating or taking part in entirely unrelated activities…

Anyway, I’ll spare you a few extra steps of sweat and tears in the process, but the conclusion is: blogging will be slow this week… Sorry…


  1. Try having lecturers who come in at the last week giving assignments AND expecting them to be due before exams start, which so COINCIDENTALLY happens to be the subsequent week because the University has deemed as too SMART to need a study week before exams start.
    Cue my University and lecturers…..

    Don’t EVEN try and think about using articles on the web, coz there is a tool that seeks out ALL contents of the web and matches your essay with any known one out there. Suppose maths is a different ball game altogether.

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