That startling void in my world…

Will any of you sharp visitors throw in a supposition as to which part of my stupid laptop is not working as it should, today?

As you no doubt caught on by now: a glyph crucial at communicating in writing most linguistic constructs of latin origin, is outright missing from this post’s body. That tiny plastic thing on my laptop that usually allows for input of this particular symbol, is constantly snapping out of its spot, foiling all plans to lay my thoughts in a straightforward phrasing without using such unnatural turns of words. My vocabulary has abruptly shrunk to dramatically small proportions. And with it, so has my sanity.

Having no motivation nor skills to commit a full book in this fashion, I shall stop torturing my brain for words, right this instant, and ask you to kindly wait until I fix this quandary for a dispatch of any actual worth.

And thanks go to this guy for unwittingly prompting today’s trifling contribution to this blog.


  1. Indeed, it was the ‘e’ key (working much better, if not perfectly, today)… I truly need to change this whole keyboard… having to snap the key back every two seconds is driving me crazy…

    Tuitui: actually, the best I remember from some cryptography book I once read (and the Wikipedia entry linked in the post above): ‘e’ is the letter most used both in English and French by a wide margin. Something like 11% frequency vs. 8 to 7% for other vowels.

    Anyway my ‘o’ key might be one of the only key currently working flawlessly (can’t say the same of ‘e’ and ‘a’ unfortunately).

  2. Sorry to hear about your keyboard malfunctioning. Twice in my life, I had been desperate enough to use a broken keyboard, and had to basically copy/paste the missing letters into the documents I needed to churn out the door.

    Hope you fix your keys before you have to do that.

  3. So, Dve, how did you finlly fix it? s you cn probably see by now, I hve problem on my laptop keyboard with the first letter of the lphabet… Sometimes it will type, and sometimes it won’t…. It is strting to mke me mentl… What did you do to fix your “e” problem??? I don’t know if I can tke much more of this… Please help… Thanks…
    Din Crystl

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