1. Kristen:

    Sounds like a great idea… except my problem isn’t really how to spend that money, but rather what to do with these coins. I sure as hell won’t be going to the airport tomorrow with a couple kilos in coins on top of my already way overweight luggage… 😉
    As for even trying to spend them in a store: I’d probably still be here next week counting the coins…

  2. Neuro:
    I’d probably be hauled off for littering.

    Hobos? What hobos? assuming you can find some homeless people in Tokyo, they don’t accept change under 1,000 yens.
    I would have brought it to my combini, had they had any meaningful cause to use it for (used to be a 1-yen box to help clean Mount Fuji). Hadn’t seen one recently…

    Jonathan: First time I ever hear of these. Must say I am not completely taken by their look, but why not… Problem would have been the same though: I didn’t really wanna be carrying 3 kilos of coins wherever I went.

    Ahem… Well, now that you mention it… 😀
    OK. I kinda left them behind in a small bag. I would have brought them to the bank (where I was told they’ll count it and change it for you), but I left way to early too be able to do that. Since I realized there were in fact a good share of 5 and 10 yen coins, the whole thing might definitely buy you a nice dinner, I reckon.
    Of course, if you don’t wanna bother, just take the bag and give it to the first person you see who seems like they may need it (I’ll leave you judge of that). Sorry for littering your house like that 😉

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